Faculty Members

Principal : Dr. Govind Sharan Singh M.A. (Geography), NET 1994,Ph.D. 2010
Faculty of Art:
Department of Political Science (UG & PG Level):  
Sri Ram Karan M.A. (Pol. Sc.), NET 2005
Sri Anup Kumar Singh M.A. (Pol. Sc.), NET 2011
Dr. Brajesh Kumar Mishra M.A. (Pol. Sc.), NET 2006, Ph.D. 2011
Dr. Bholanath Misra M.A. (Pol. Sc.), Ph.D. 2005
Dr. Rajendra Srivastav M.A. (Pol. Sc.), Ph.D. 2003
Department of Sociology (UG & PG Level):  
Sri Yogendra M.A. (Sociology), NET 2007
Dr. (Smt.) Akhilesh Singh M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D. 2009
Dr. (Smt.) Mohini Maurya M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D. 2010
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D. 2003
Dr. (Smt.) Preeti Singh M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D. 2006
Department of Hindi (UG Level):  
Dr. (Smt.) Ragini Rai M.A. (Hindi), Ph.D. 2002
Sri Haree Lal M.A. (Hindi), NET 2009
Department of Ancient History (UG Level):  
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey M.A. (Anct.History), Ph.D. 2002
Dr. (Smt.) Anupam Singh M.A. (Anct.History), Ph.D. 2009
Department of History (UG Level):  
Dr. Krishnanand Pathak M.A. (History), NET 1998
Dr. (Smt.) Archana Chaubey M.A. (History), Ph.D. 2002
Department of Geography (UG Level):  
Sri Arvind Kumar M.A. (Geography), NET 2009
Department of Psychology (UG Level):  
Dr. Abhay Pratap Singh M.A. (Psychology), Ph.D. 2011
Department of Sanskrit (UG Level):  
Dr. Rajeshwar Mishra M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. 2008
Department of Education (UG Level):  
Dr. Rajkumar Singh M.A. (Education), Ph.D. 2011
Department of Economics (UG Level):  
Dr. Raju Kumar Gupta M.A. (Economics), Ph.D. 2006